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Overzicht prijswinnaars
Koningsheideprijs 2008-2009
Mevrouw dr. I.L. Bongers – ‘Predict young adult social functioning from developmental trajectories of externalizing behaviour’
De heer dr. mr. G. Meynen – Should or should not forensic psychiatrists think about free will?

Koningsheideprijs 2010-2011
- De heer drs. I. Brazil – ‘Early and late components of error monitoring in violent offenders with psychopathy’
- Mevrouw drs. K. von Borries – ‘Neural correlates of error-related learning deficits in individuals with psychopathy’
Eervolle vermelding:
Mevrouw dr. N.M.L. Buck - 'Childhood Psychopathology Predicts Adolescence-Onset Offending'

Koningsheideprijs 2012-2013
- Mevrouw dr. L.E.W. Leenarts – 'Interpersonal Trauma in Youths in Compulsory Residential Care: Assessment and Treatment’
- Mevrouw drs. N. Troquete – ‘Risk Assessment and Shared Care Planning in Outpatient Forensic Psychiatrry: a Randomised Controlled Trial’

Koningsheideprijs 2013-2017
- De heer D.E.M. Geurts, MD - 'Neural connectivity during reward expectation dissociates psychopathic criminals from non-criminal individuals with high impulsive/antisocial psychopathic traits' (gepubliceerd in: Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 2016, p. 1326-1334)

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